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The simple things in life are often the best, but we’re all guilty of overlooking those elements. The significance of the home boiler is certainly an issue that falls into that category… at least until things start to go wrong. 

If your boiler breaks down, it’s probably best to think about boiler repairs, boiler servicing, and boiler replacement before it’s too late. Colchester Boiler Installations has your project in safe hands.

When Does Your Boiler Need Repairing Or Replacing?

If you’ve ever been accused of ignoring the signs that a relationship is falling apart, it’s very likely that you’d ignore the signs that your boiler needed some TLC too. There are several tell-tale signs to keep an eye out for. They include:

  • Strange Noises – It only takes a few days to start recognising the noises that your boiler naturally makes. So, if you’ve suddenly noticed a change in the sounds that are coming from the boiler, there’s a very good chance that something isn’t quite right.
  • Sulphuric Smells – Sulphur is added to the gas so that you can quickly identify any leaks within the boiler or other parts of the heating and plumbing systems. So, if you’ve noticed an egg-like smell coming from the boiler or pipes, you should seek immediate action.
  • Rising Bills – OK, so the harsh reality is that gas providers continue to increase their prices despite decreasing their level of service. Still, if you’ve suddenly noticed that consumption and bills have climbed without a change to your tariff, then your boiler is probably not efficient anymore and you could save up to 1/3 with a new “A” rated condensing boiler.
  • Leaking Water – Water leaks are a clear sign that there’s a problem, even if the water is dripping from the boiler at a very slow rate. The problem may be something simple, but the internal parts of the boiler need checking over before it’s too late!

Meanwhile, issues like having to repressure the boiler every few weeks suggest that a more permanent solution is required.

Why The DIY Option Never Works

Let’s face it; if you’ve waited this long to take action, the chances of you being able to permanently fix the boiler are minimal, especially if you’re NOT gas safe registered like all of our engineers are – and no YouTube video is going to change that. Choosing Colchester Boiler Installations brings many benefits compared to the DIY approach, including:

  • You’ll save the time and frustration of trying to fix the boiler;
  • You’ll gain emotional reassurance of knowing that the work has been professionally completed and certificated;
  • You’ll avoid making things worse, which could end up costing a fortune;
  • You’ll gain a Landlord’s Gas Safety Certificate, which is essential if you’re renting the home out;
  • You’ll receive unbiased support as to whether boiler replacement or repair is the way to go;

Whether you need an emergency call out or simply wish to arrange a maintenance check, we also offer a free quotation to all clients for a system upgrade or new boiler. What more could any Essex homeowner ask for?

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